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Dye Sensitized Solar Cells & Solar Simulator

Solar Simulator PEC-L15
Solar Simulator PEC-L15
Desktop Large Area Solar Simulator
- Illumination Area 16 cm x 16 cm Square
- Controller Touch panel control
- I/O port connectable with measurement equipment
- Weight 16 kg
PEC-L15 (PDF Document)


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IPCE Measurement System PEC-S20
IPCE Measurement System PEC-S20
Measure IPCE "No-Need Mask“
・Lamp house, Power Suply Monochromater, Unit Body
・Optical Fiber Contact Irradiation makes no-need mask measurement
・Sample Set and Click Measurement, very Simple Operation
・Suitable for miniature cell
PEC-S20 (PDF Document)


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Perkin Elmer ILC CERMAX Xe Illuminator system

A Famous Compact Xe Illuminator
for Photocatalyst Research in Japan

Japan made compact power supply and Housing
High intensity Xe Illuminator System
LX 175/300 Series
This system consists of compact Xe Illuminator of ILC Technology, USA, and the original Xe lamp power supply and the lamp house designed in Japan. The system can provide high performance illumination.
Cermax LX series (PDF Document)


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Portable Solar Simulator PEC-L01
Portable Solar Simulator PEC-L01
Compact, Desktop, Solar Simulator
-Illumination Area 4 cm x 4 cm Square
-Controller Touch panel control
-Weight 8 kg
Recommended set;
Sourcemeter (PEC-NS01), Si cell (PEC-SI01) and PC (See Photo)

Low sheet resistance transparent plastic film
-Film substrate material polyethylene naphthalate (PEN)
-Size 297 mm x 210 mm
-Film thickness 0.125mm
-Transmittance 78% in total light transmittance
-Conductive material Indium Tin Oxdie, ITO
-Sheet resistance < 15ohm/sq
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